About Us

Is Your Building Fire Ready and Compliant ?
Azzo Project Services offer our clients a full service over areas that would quite often require numerous trades to complete.

We can offer your company a full range of passive fire solutions including the design, installation, commissioning and certifing of -
  • Fire Reistant Doors
  • Smoke Doors
  • Fire and Smoke Barriers
  • Fire Dampers
  • Fire Stopping Elements (service penetrations)
  • Ceiling Hatches and Access Panels
  • Fire Shutters
  • Structual Fire Resistant Elements

Azzo Project Services have the technical knowledge and on-site experience to deliver all your passive fire needs in a time effective and cost efficient manner.

Dont leave it to chance
Call Azzo Project services today, your leading passive fire certifier and installer of fire protection systrems in North Queensland.

Mark Azzopardi 

We Have Been Tested!!

Our workmanship was tested by fire itself.  The Technician who installed the system won our 'Quality Award' and because of his work, the rest of the building was saved from destruction.
Exposed side of wall
This cable penetration system was exposed to temperatures that buckled and twisted the structural steel inside the building
Unexposed side of wall
This system stopped the spread of smoke and fire from destroying the rest of the building.